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Much feedback site waiting for, the long history. Just trust the person with knowledge of dating and relationships are important to me, i am right now finish. After returning to home, we tried the only other page: The blog had a nice look to it, seemed to be continuously updated by staff members, and contained helpful information on succeeding in the dating world.

It was pretty uplifting and motivational. Again, trying to get back to the homepage was a hassle. After visiting all of the different pages, we began our contact test.

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We messaged women between the ages of within 50 km. After checking in 24 hours later, we only had 8 responses. When searching for potential lovers, you are provided with a nice, big, and easy to use search bar at the top of the homepage. Basic customizable options include what kind of relationship the other person is looking for, their age, and their distance 25km-all of North America.

Search bar on Lavalife. The advanced search options let you find someone of particular ethnicity, height, body type, smoking habits, drinking habits, language, religion, income, and education. You can also find people who either have kids, want kids, or neither. Many advanced search options on Lavalife. Lavalife gives you the option of adding up to 16 public photos additional to your profile photo. They also have the option of adding private photos, which are only visible to profiles you have liked that have also liked you back in other words, the like must be mutual.

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This adds them to your favourites list, so you can easily go back and check out their profile later on. It will not notify them that you have added their profile to your favourites. Any new favourites, likes, messages, or views you receive can easily be seen in the main navigation located in the top right corner of the homepage. The icons will even display a little number of how many new favourites, likes, messages, or views you have which is super convenient as well. At the beginning of registration, Lavalife offered us a 7 day free trial which we accepted.

Then we were presented with two options: We chose to create it from scratch, although the Facebook option probably would have been much easier. Lavalife then asked us to create a unique username. Then they ask for your postal code, height, build, ethnicity, religion, and preferred type of relationship casual dates, relationship, long term, friends, or hook-ups.

After choosing a main profile picture, we were redirected to the homepage where we were offered a tutorial and tour of the site. The tutorial was a great tool in helping us get started. Once we landed at the contact page, we were given a form to enter our name, email, and question. To the right of the form they also offer a phone number.

The conversation went like this:. Apart from communicating with customer service, Lavalife members can also read through the FAQ which covers a broad range of 26 topics. If you ever want to cancel your Lavalife membership, it can be done, but it will not be refunded. You can, however, change this so that your subscription will automatically renew. These features do come in handy though. You can of course choose to pay as you go, but according to the pricing the longer you lock yourself in the cheaper it is. Payment options include Visa, Master Card, and.

Lavalife - Review Author: Ratings for Lavalife Overall rating: More popular than Lavalife This week more popular than Lavalife Great instant messaging service Carosel provides instant fun and flirts to users Try out for free! Much better than Lavalife! Our top recommendations for Flirt sites: Try out for free! Lavalife at a glance: Subscriptions are non-refundable Customer service representatives have little knowledge of Lavalife platform.

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Our recommendation for more success. Lavalife numbers Success ratio. Local activity in Canada. Lavalife comes complete with a visual platform and modern feel. It is easy to see how other members look and find out their age and location. Despite these great features, the website was a little difficult to navigate at times.

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There were a couple frustrations in completing our profile, but the profiles provided lots of information. Although the profiles and search bar options are super customizable and easy to use, members did not seem to be very active. In our minds, this made the price of subscription just about okay, but not amazing.