I keep dating the wrong guys

For example, if you had a father that was not present or perhaps traveled and was not consistent in your upbringing, you may find that when you seek out relationship, you are attracted to a man that is not present and travels frequently, making himself unavailable to you. The exploration may be the feelings associated to how you experienced your father traveling or being unavailable, which may bring up anger, fear or sadness within your adult relationships. Therefore, it is really not a matter of why you are attracting them, it is more about why you are attracted back.

I believe there are some of us whom engage in, tolerate or continue relationships with the wrong men.

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Possibly with the belief and feelings that our needs will someday be met by them, someday they will commit or that they will change. Many women often become increasingly frustrated time after time as they seem to repeat the same attraction habits. Each time they look at it as a new opportunity to attract the right man, and hence find themselves attracting the same wrong guy again.

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  • 1. Recognize your patterns..

Why does this happen? That is the magic question so many women ask themselves time and time again. Us, we are the same person going into each meeting and coming out frustrated every time. It is amazing that we expect different results and to meet different men when we are the same. We attract those that are in the same healthy or unhealthy status in life.

We do not work on ourselves emotionally, physically or mentally and therefore we continue to attract where we are in life and wonder why. The good news is that the law of attraction can work in a positive way as well so there is hope for the future. We also tend to ignore red flags no matter how much they are glaring in our faces. We get that inkling in our gut, that sick in the pit or just the little flash that something does not seem right in the situations and we ignore it.

Our instincts are working to protect us from the wrong guy again but we tend to ignore them completely and plow ahead to then be frustrated when we get to the point of feeling like we attracted the wrong guy again. In the next column, we can explore steps to take to correct our repeated actions so we can start attracting the right guy, avoiding the wrong guy and most importantly recognizing the difference right away.


Neesha Lenzini, MS - www. Men often times are attracted to strong and confident women. The wrong man will show signs that he wants the power in the relationship. A healthy relationship is built on shared decision-making and an unhealthy relationship occurs when one partner desires to seek the control. As women, of course our personalities may change after spending time with the wrong partner. We may feel and appear, perhaps less confident and more concerned with the feelings of the man.

Women that may repeatedly attract the wrong men seem to not leave the wrong partner quicker. Women often struggle with leaving a relationship, even after detecting their partner is wrong for them. This is where women should put their focus and energy. Women may tend to attract the wrong men because they are not checking in with their own values and non-negotiables. Once we strongly establish our values, our relationships can be used to measure up against our personal belief systems.

In many areas of our lives we successfully attain the balance we desire, represented by the road. If I want 2 kids and you want 1, agreeing to have 1. Either I give up what I really want to please you; or, I insist on what I want, leaving you unhappy. A ditch is nothing more than an extreme.

People from this ditch are genuinely caring, flexible, easy going, and tend to be followers road behaviors. Those who prefer this ditch learned to try to please their parents by giving up their own preferences. Giving up what you want to make the other person happy, being passive, sometimes passive-aggressive, feeling obligated, resentful, withdrawing or shutting down, and feeling hurt.

Fear drives these ditch behaviors. Typical road behaviors from this side include being decisive, knowing what you want, being goal oriented, and leading. In their family of origin, they learned to take care of themselves, perhaps because no one else was around or could. In this ditch, you may see: Fear drives these behaviors, too.

I used to think my others focused ditch was the more righteous place to be. I landed in the opposite ditch! That sent my husband flying to the ditch I just vacated. I may not stay in the other ditch long, and rarely do the same kinds of things he did. That is why it took me so long to discover that we switch ditches. I fix burritos for my husband thinking if I do that, he will be motivated to fix the drip in the faucet trying to please him to get what I want.

I mention the leak again and he gets mad and accuses me of nagging him. I might knock some of his clothes on the floor to get even passive-aggressive behavior. We always attract someone from the opposite ditch, no matter which ditch we prefer. We replicate the way our parents related to one another in key ways.

When reactions are driven by subconscious feelings of frustration, anger, hurt, fear or powerlessness, we engage in ditch behaviors. At some level, we are all ditch people. Prime example of government ditch behaviors: No airport security to practically having to strip to get to an airplane. You may not, except with express written permission, distribute or commercially exploit the content. Nor may you transmit it or store it in any other website or other form of electronic retrieval system. Learn Why Men Pull Away. There is a deep-seated "Gap" in communication that very few women or men understand.

To be truly irresistible to a man, you MUST understand this gap, and the way feelings of love get confused and entangled in a man's mind Explore the below 7 reasons. If we believe that we are unworthy, we date those that reinforce that negative belief. You may be suffering from a lack of self-esteem. Below are 5 reasons why you face this problem. I see so many women go on dates and assume things or interpret the guy in a way that they want him to be.

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Get past the initial attraction and see if his words and actions are matching. Pay attention and see if he is interested in learning about you and getting to know you. Sit back, relax, give it time to learn about him. Ask for what you need in a feminine, open and collaborative way. You know how you went to school to get a degree and find a job and learn all you can to be ready to create success in your life? Do the same for your love life. Get obsessed in a good way with learning all you can to help you date effectively.

You can start by learning the 4 types of men that are out there in the dating world. As always, I wanna hear from you. Leave a comment below. When your energy is more clear you'll be able to attract from a more grounded and positive space. As a certified Reiki practitioner, I've had many clients notice a difference in the quality of guys they attract after one to two sessions. I hope these tips will help you meet someone amazing.

Because you are amazing. When you're in a centered, grounded, positive, and clear space, anything is possible. Food has the power to create a happier and healthier world. Celebrity Nutritionist Kelly LeVeque will show you how.

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7 Signs You're Dating the Wrong Guy

Here are a few simple things that will help you start changing who you attract: Don't put energy into the relationships that aren't right for you. Understand your beliefs about men. Right now is a perfect time to think about the beliefs you hold about men. How does this work? Rishma is on a journey to help people let go of what is no longer serving them, so they can feel more joy, peace