False identities online dating

Some online sites have taken steps in cracking down on fake profiles. Social media sites like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter have implemented measures in order to remove them.

Online Dating Service Agrees to Stop Using Fake Profiles

Some dating websites have also put in similar measures with teams ensuring profiles impersonating people are taken down. Victims also told Coffey that they felt the only way to deter manipulative catfishes was to make it an offence to create a false identity on the internet. The online dating phenomenon is growing rapidly.

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A YouGov poll in stated that half of year-olds know at least one couple who met on the web. With numbers growing, is it time to introduce tougher measures when it comes to identity and online dating and could this be a way of stopping catfishing altogether? She proposes a league table be created in order to show users how safe websites are and reveal those that are not doing enough to protect them.

However, Coffey is not the only person striving to take action against catfishes. According to Business Insider warning signs of love-bombing include a person declaring their love for you early on, receiving excessive amounts of gifts, care and promises for the future. Anna had been online dating on and off for a number of years, following the break-up of her relationship with the father of her children.

The dark side of online dating

She had successful relationships with people she met via online dating. It was attached to Facebook, in that you could see if a profile had mutual friends with you. Anna felt at ease after seeing familiar faces from other sites as well as friends of hers who were in the police.

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Anna made her intentions clear on the site. Anna went on three dates before matching with Antony in mid-August At one stage, however, she thought that communication with Antony had ended. She felt that Antony appeared to be genuine. From then on, Antony began to call and text Anna many times and the couple finally met for the first time. He seemed nice, after three weeks we chatted on the phone and talked about our likes, dislikes and what we were looking for in a relationship.

Victims are left in the dark as to the true identity of the person they got to know [Flickr: In a shocking turn of events, Anna discovered that Antony had a mobile phone he used for affairs and a secret e-mail, Skype account and Facebook page. Anna found Antony back online, unaware it was her he was talking to he fed her the exact same speeches.

The first thing is to contact the social media site where the pictures have been found and asking for that site to be taken down. Having your pictures stolen is also form of a identity theft, so you can also lodge a complaint with police. The hard thing is knowing who stole your pictures. You can also do a reverse Google image search to find out if your photo is being used elsewhere.

Artefact | The dark side of online dating

Scammers will try and build a rapport with you so that you feel safe. But there are some early red flags to be aware of.

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If users will not meet up online, but are quick to profess their love - that should signal alarm bells. If you are concerned you might be scammed, head to scamwatch. Hack talks about the stuff that matters to young Australians.

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