What does it mean when you hook up with someone in your dream

According to Jane, no, this does not mean you are horny for dear old cousin Alex. But what it really comes down to, says Jane, is that sex represents an intimate union with a person and so to figure out what it all means you have to think about what that person you're dreaming about represents to you. To do this Jane recommends listing out the top three words that you would use to describe their personality or approach to life. We had many listeners texting in to ask about dreams involving people they used to date and who they no longer want in their imaginary beds.

We had Claire from Brisbane call in to tell the story of how she broke up her relationship on account of a kinky dream she had. Then they go and look for them, rejecting all sorts of wonderful potential partners along the road. Try to Download directly These dreams are usually about anxiety, shame, or privacy and stem from a fear of exposing or expressing yourself — especially creatively— to others.

Searching unsuccessfully for a toilet may indicate a conflict between wanting to share your talents with the world, but having a fear of doing so. Causing a toilet to overflow may represent loss of emotional control or an inability to harness your potential. This does not mean you have a secret wish to join a nudist colony. Public nudity is a classic anxiety dream about being vulnerable and shedding your defenses in front of others. In a more intimate setting, naked dreams may indicate a fear of intimacy or showing your true feelings to others. Both men and women can have weird pregnancy dreams.

I had one once where a fetus was growing in my leg. In the dreaming universe, babies grow and are birthed from all kinds of bizarre places — mouths, bellies, legs, or genitals. These dreams can freak the crap out of us. You may even wake up and run to the drug store to get a pregnancy test. It most likely has nothing to do with actual pregnancy, unless you are, in fact, pregnant. When you are interpreting your dreams, keep all of your own personal dream symbols in mind. Remember, the truth will resonate with you when you see or hear it.

Below, you will find some general interpretations in regards to feelings, sights, and emotions regarding relationship-related dreams. Sometimes we have dreams about things regarding relationships and we take them at face value, but a lot of the time, they are really pointing to some other area of your life. To dream of being a bride, whether it's yourself or someone else, means you are coming into an inheritance. Man Kissing a Bride: This can mean a joyous get-together between family and friends. This may mean unfavorable events that will or are already occurring in your life.

Partner Eloping With Someone Else: You may soon learn about your partner being unfaithful. Alternatively, this could mean you have insecurities or questions about your relationship. You may make a bad alliance that ends in you being hurt or humiliated. This may be pointing out the obvious, but this probably means being happy now or you will be in the near future. To dream of feeling good means there will be harmony among all your friends.

If you dream of gratification you will have many financial and personal gains of enjoyment. This means that joyous events and activities will soon prove profitable. This is letting you know that your life is going well or going to be well soon. Everything is going work out. There are some very common dreams that we all have. Chances are you have had one or more of these things in your dreams at some time or another.

Remember your symbols and listen to your inner self when trying to interpret your dreams. Take into account colors, feelings, time of day, who is there, and everything else when you are trying to interpret your dreams. It may mean that an idea or thought is growing and getting ready to be born.

An obvious interpretation could be an impending birth. It can also bring to your attention a dependent behavior or need. If the baby is alone it can represent your independence. Of course they may represent sexual desire. It can also represent becoming a mother, need for nurturing, or if you are running around naked, it could mean a fear of exposure.

This may suggest romantic involvement. It can also be a symbol of you and someone making up or a reconciliation coming about. It could also mean kissing the past goodbye. Married people or couples kissing means everything is going smoothly and happily and full of harmony. What time of day is it? If it is during the dark it may represent danger or an inappropriate situation. If it's sunny out it may represent good intentions and well-meaning. It could indicate a desire for a child or not knowing that you are pregnant—but I dream of this a lot and I don't want children!

So what does it mean if you had romantic dreams about . . .

It could also mean something new beginning or coming into your life. Maybe an idea or thought that is getting ready to come out. If you are walking around with a veil over your face it may not just be an upcoming marriage. It may mean that you are looking at something through the veil or someone looking at you that way.

This can signify your sexual urges and desires that are wanting to come out. It can also indicate disloyalty from your subconscious. You may soon find yourself or already be finding yourself in something shady or disloyal. It probably won't end well. If your partner is cheating on you, it may be showing you your insecurities and your fear of being dumped. It may be symbolic of your feelings of your partner being less attentive and 'there' in the relationship. It may also be your guilt coming out and show you that you are not measuring up to the expectations of others.

Are you dreaming about sleeping with your spouse's friend? This doesn't necessarily mean you want to cheat with them. It may mean that you are feeling neglected by your spouse. Are you dreaming of cheating on something or someone. Taking it literally it can bring to life your sexual passion and exploring areas of your sexuality. A lover appearing in your dream show your acceptance, self-worth, and recognition of your true value. It may also indicate integration of both your masculine and feminine traits meaning you are feeling complete or whole.

You may also dream of your 'dream person' which may indicate that your relationship is not satisfactory to you or it is unfulfilling. To dream of an ex can symbolize unfinished or unresolved issues that relate to that person. I think we've all dreamt that at times.

This may happen when you are in a good relationship and it's waking up your inner issues and memories. This may mean you are missing aspects of the person you are having sex with and you want to incorporate them into your own character. It also may just be your desires way of telling you that it's been a long time since you've had sex.

If you are trying to find a place to get it on then the dream may be represent your search for a certain intimacy and closeness that you can't find. Are you having sex with a well known public figure? It indicates your drive to be successful. What do they represent to you?

For instance having sex with Angelina Jolie may mean you want to help other people and have the drive to do it. To dream that you are having sex with an ex may just be showing you that you have some hesitation about getting into a new relationship or situation. If you are heterosexual and you dream that you are having sex with someone of the same sex don't spend all day thinking about it. It may just be an expression of being more comfortable with yourself and letting others know you do not affect them.

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Meditation is simply about being in a relaxed state. In short, you calm your mind usually into an alpha state during meditation, just as you do before you go to bed or when you daydream or when you are really relaxed sitting in front of the ocean or wherever else your mind naturally calms down.

Meditation has so many benefits for your health, but we are talking about dreams here—right? If you want to interpret your own dreams, meditation can help. Meditation gives you more self-awareness and allows you to find answers that you cannot find when your mind is buzzing and bouncing from one thought to the next. If you meditate on your dreams in the morning instead of instantly jumping out of bed to get ready for your day, you will have a much easier time remembering and interpreting your dreams.

Moreover, if you meditate before bed, you can focus your attention on things you want to dream about or find answers to—and you will have an easier time influencing your dreams. Dreams have the power to give you answers, help you sort through issues, and give you insight into your future, and meditation has the power to connect you to your dreams and help you understand them. After you read this book, you will have a better understanding of how powerful your dreams are for your life.

You will find a new respect for your dreams and your dream life. I get a lot of people asking me what their love dreams mean, but, as we discussed, certain symbols mean different things to different people. For instance, darkness for me is calming, whereas it might be depressing or scary to you. I can give you my interpretation of your dream and even let my tarot cards guide you towards a theme or situation, but I don't know all the details of YOU and your life, which is important for interpreting dreams.

Somewhere inside, you know exactly what your dream meant—you are the one who had it! So at the end of the day, you need to learn how to interpret them yourself. We are all built with an inner guidance system. Meditation is a great tool to help you get access to that inner guidance system.

The information is in you, in your cells, waiting for you to find it—so start looking inward instead of outward. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. Connie - I'm not understanding if he had an affair in real life That could have a lot to do with the dream. If you didn't get to tell him how you felt, or you still just want to tell him, then that's a plausible reason for the dream. Since he can't say anything to you at this point because he is deceased, it would make sense he remains silent in the dream.

Muriel - The silent fight sounds about right. You are fighting for his attention, without actually fighting each other. I'm sure she knows that something is going on, so she's probably doing her best to bring him back to her. It seems like you think he is going to stay with you, despite his wife being upset. Maybe you even think you are going to win him by the way she says I hope you will be happy. I dreamt my deceased ex husband came into my bedroom and got in my bed like we were still married. I was in the bed and he came over to me so close that I could feel him, so I got up.

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I told him that I didn't want him anymore, or the marriage and made him get out of the bed. Then I noticed that he had bought some of his things bible books and cups in my room and put them on my dresser table. I knocked them over and as he came over to get them, I hit him in the back times. I was angry that he felt he could come back to me regardless of having an affair. Yet, he remained quiet, calm and sad, so he walked back to the bed and got injust looking at me like he was hurt by what I did.

So I told him again that I didn't want the marriage and there was nothing, no house-no money-no kids-that would make me change my mind. After saying that, we just looked at each other. Then I woke up. Im having a relationship with a married man. Known his wife good. I had a dream in the morning that he took my family to his house. Nd I was also their he left and come back with his wife I was at da back yard and he pass me going somewhere.

As I did not know about the wife being around she saw me. And come to da back where I was sleeping on a mattress. She lie next to me nd start pulling my hair but we were so quiet. We started to fight but know one knew we were fighting. We left each other but we throwing stones at each other nd it happen I throw her on her shoulder. I try and call her husband but failed and send a message to him.

He come running and she speed of with his white venture.

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He let her go. After he was playing with the kids. I call him and he cum to me and said he does not want to fight cos he is happy. I wen to their bath he followed and his phone ring nd it was the wife crying but she was talking tswana I couldn't understand. But she dropped the phone saying hope you will be happy with your marriage. He comes out of their bedroom with a man i'dnt know. As he was toking to the men my mouth were so dry I've drink water it did not help it remained dry my 2 uncle entered the room and ask me if I'm ready he will be back in 10 minutes.


Kaden - Is your mother not how you want her to be? Sounds like you were dreaming of a mother that aligned with your needs and wants, which is likely something you want. You could also be dreaming about someone you know spiritually - someone who you are connected to and makes you feel protected. However, it's more likely that you are fulfilling your need for a loving, supportive, and connected mother figure. Coolsteffi - Are you worried about your relationship? Are you feeling disconnected? That's what I assume is causing the dream. I would assume that you feel protected by him Italy - Sounds like something may have happened during Christmas break that was upsetting.

Just because it was in that time frame. Otherwise, it sounds like you are unsure of your relationship right now. The whole dream was focused on relationships and how they are not working out, people are not doing well, and people are stepping out on you, so it seems like you may have some concern over a relationship you are in and can't pinpoint whether it's anger towards them, fear of them being sick or hurt, or fear of them hurting you.

It was like i found someone who could relate to everything in my mind, and i knew what she thought with out even looking at her. I had this dream a couple off nights ago. About a friend who is a woman came and knocked on our front door and ask for my partner went and got him he said we going out did not ask if I wanted to go, try texting and phoning him but he would not answer what it mean.

My boyfriend had a dream about us he said he was a billionaire and he drove up to my job with rose royce and he said to me do you trust me and love me i said i do tust and love you so he said i have hundred million dollars for you to put it in your account now go tell your boss you quit your job i went and told her then we went to p. Three days ago, I dreamt of my boyfriend. I was in middle- school all over again, and it was like Christmas break, and I didn't have any way to contact my boyfriend.

Finally, it was that day; Monday. When I entered, I saw him with long, like shoulder-length long hair, and in my dream I kept on thinking of the way he looked like before. He and I weren't on good terms, which made me feel bad. He was different, he wasn't christian, he ignored me, he didn't love me. Then it was lunch. I threw my food tray at him. I'm not sure if I did it on purpose or not. He looked mad, like a, 'I'm going to kill you, and cook you for dinner' kind of mad. He left, and I cried for him to return. A friend from another middle-school I attended before that one sat next to me, and told me that he dosen't deserve me.

She looked sick, she had red scars everywhere. Then I out of nowhere go to the future. My boyfriend was with another girl that is a friend of mine, and I saw them flirting. Then they kissed, and I started crying. I tried asking him to forgive me, but I kept on hesitating. I spent an eternity watching them flirt, have their first date, get married, have kids, get old, and I never stopped crying.

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Please help me find out what it means, I can't get my mind off of it, thanks for reading! Sophia - Yes, I understood what you meant about your dream. My interpretation of your dream stands. Don't take your dreams so literal. You may want to go to where your Grandpa and cousin are, but the fact is that you have never met him so he's likely just a symbol for your current life that you are experiencing.

If what you are trying to say is that you've seen pictures of him and are attracted to him, then your dream may be because of your attraction towards his looks. Sophia - You've never met your cousin, so I doubt you have feelings for him of any kind yet. Your cousin is likely just a symbol of someone or something you are falling in love with or want to fall in love with. Last night I had a dream that me and my family went to my grandpa's place for a vacation and I meet my cousin boy who I've never met before because they live in other country, and then after a few days me and my cousin fell in love with each other.

In real life I really have a grandpa who live in other country and I really have a cousin that I've never met before and my grandpa and my cousin in my dream are really my real grandpa and cousin and the place where my dream happen is where my grandpa really lives and in real life I really wanted to go to my grandpa's place.

So please help me interpret this because I'm really confused. Last night I had a dream that me and my family went to my grandpa's place for a vacation and I meet my cousin boy who I've never met before my cousin lives with my grandpa , then after some few days me and my cousin fell in love with each other. TaJaya - You keep dreaming about her because you loved her and miss her a lot.

She's on your mind. What you think about in your waking life, the issues you have in your waking life, and problems that you want to solve are all going to be in your dreams where you can play around with fantasies, scenarios, and solutions. Sophia - It could just be a reflection of something you saw in your waking life. Maybe on a TV show where a girl was trying to find her boyfriend? Or on a show where music is used to bring two people together?

Or maybe your friend is struggling with her boyfriend? Since you don't have a boyfriend, it just sounds like a dream reflecting something you've seen or thought about. Uknolwn teen girl - Your dream tells me that you probably really like him and he's forefront on your mind right now. You can't know his feelings unless he tells you. Your dream gives you an indication of how you think he feels, which is that he likes you.

If you thought he didn't like you, then he would likely be more distant or unreachable in your dreams. I keep dreaming about my ex which who I really love and care about alot,it comes out of know where i mean yes our relationship wasnt that good but i loved her and i really do miss her alot. Last night I had a dream that I'm in a place with my friend where there is like a festival and I'm finding my boyfriend because we had a little argument before and then I saw someone I know and she helped me to find my boyfriend before he go away with his mom and my friend said that what if I play the song that me and my boyfriend made, and I get my phone and played the song loudly so my boyfriend could here it but when the song played like 5sec.

I suddenly woke up and I didn't finished my dream. But I don't really have a boyfriend in real life, so if you please may help me interpret this. Basically so idk where to start um I'm nice, cute? I've had some ups and downs like everyone does. So, I talked to a boy on the phone and so before I went to sleep I ended so my phone can charge.

I had some hours of sleep but at some point my eyes were still closed they weren't open so I saw him without him actually being here I'm not so sure why or how this happened and I'm not so sure if I like him. At one point I woke up for a little trying to figure out why, then I fell back asleep and all the sudden he started kissing me. So if u please may help me interpret this I'd gladly like that. What are my feelings?

Dreams About Someone You Like or Crush On Decoded

What is he feeling? Thank you so much and I hope you have a great day your fantastic at this and keep doing what you love please achieve all of your dreams I'm meaning like if you want to be an actress or something go after your dreams!! Good morning thank you for reading this on your time I appreciate it!!