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I don't believe Canada has any such minimum for marriage-related Family Class visas I've never heard of dual intent, and I'd like to read more about it. Thanks to all so far, looking forward to more ideas and different perspectives. In the strictest sense of the law, yes, partially except the STEM students for which it isn't true any more.

However, even the heartless bastards at ICE know that stuff happens and young people meet and fall in love. That's why INS and their legacy organizations have little things called adjustment and change of status. Even so, in this case, her BF's intent for being in the country would be to study, not to immigrate.

If, at a later date, they decide to change this intent and take their relationship to another level, then they may change his status to that of an immigrant classification. Dating is not a prohibited activity for nonimmigrant students nor does having a girlfriend change his nonimmigrant intent. If you're not a citizen and not married to a citizen, the government any government wants a reason for you to be in their country and wants to know when you'll be leaving. Reasons they accept include variations on: It's easy to get in as a vacationer, but you're not allowed to work or study and you can't stay long six months out of a year in Canada, e.

It's harder to get in as a student, but you're still not allowed to work full time, and you have to actually be a student. It's hardest to get in as a worker because you need to have the job already , and, well, getting jobs in one's OWN country is hard enough these days. If you want to date someone in another country, you have to do it as either a vacationer, a student or a worker and follow the rules for that.

There's no "dating" visa, sadly. It's a difficult thing you want to do. Probably the easiest thing is for you guys to alternate "vacations" on either side of the border until you are sure about your relationship, and then get married sooner rather than later so the permanent residency can be filed in whichever country you decide to settle in. Then it was legal for me to be in Canada full time with no end date. Five years later I was able to file for Canadian citizenship, which I received last year and am now a dual citizen. I'm not sure what you mean here. If you mean that you have to have somethin' goin' on for two years before you can apply for a K1, that's just not so.

I filed a K1 for biscotti something like 18 months after we met. If you mean that you have to be in a relationship for 2 years to file on the basis of that relationship, that's also false -- the US has marriage and fiancee visas, and that's it. It does not have a long-term partner visa.

About the only thing I can think of with a two-year requirement is that unless you've been married for two years already, your first green card is conditional and lasts for two years. Let me blunt here: You really, really, really need to retain the services of an immigration lawyer in order to get any sort of accurate answer to your question. Both of these things are untrue. It is possible and common for people to navigate the immigration process without a lawyer, especially if they do the work to become thoroughly educated about the system and have an uncomplicated case. If you're willing to get married, K1 is a good option for bringing your boy the US.

Moving closer together sounds like a pretty good plan, too.

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Since you are young, I'm assuming you've never lived away from your family. As someone who has lived in your area for a long time, and who teaches students just like you, I really strongly suggest you see your situation as an opportunity to move beyond your comfort zone and experience another part of the country, or even the two of you make the move to a third country on some kind of work or study program.

The time to experiment and take chances is now. Your family will always be there. The Northwest is a fabulous part of the country and wholly unlike Central New Jersey. Moving there might not get you into Canada, but the commute from Washington state into BC and back is a whole lot less cumbersome than you might think. From there, you and your boyfriend might figure out a way to be closer together. It is very empowering to be on your own.

Things I Learned About Being A Canadian By Dating An American

Before you make long-term immigration-related plans, I would suggest moving and living on your own to see if you change. Here's my error -- the couple must have meet within the two years prior to filling out the K-1 application. A subtle but crucial distinction. However, none of you have yet talked about the minimum income requirements required for a K-1 filer.

As the OP is unemployed she cannot support her fiance financially, as is required. I believe you can get a sponsor to vouch for you, but that's something to look into. A foreigner can face a five year insta-ban from entering the U. This ruling cannot be appealed, and the decision is solely at the discretion of the individual who renders it. Let's not paint this thing is bright colours is what I'm saying. That means paying for tuition, working at most at some campus job which are get to get, and largely part-time , and staying in the country for the duration -- a prospect that would almost certainly cost tens of thousands of dollars.

Also, read this thread on the risks of even visiting an American SO from abroad. Okay, I'm just poking my feelers around here- I understand that if I want to seriously look into our options I should speak to a lawyer, but for now asking around Metafilter and doing some research online is sufficient for my curiosity. Vincele, I've lived on my own since I was 17, I'm just terribly close to my family. In the back of my mind, I'm kinda-sorta considering colleges in his neck of the woods, but I don't know if I'd go through with it.

I think this is a sad case of all or nothing. Either you don't get to be together for a long time or you get married.

As several here have said, immigration via K-1 visa isn't all that scary so long as you and your SO have a clean record and no complicating factors previous marriages, kids, overstayed visas. I don't think it's all or nothing. I was in the same situation 6 years ago. My SO and I found a way to move closer together though still internationally and we had a relatively "normal" LDR for 2 years after that before starting the K-1 visa process.

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Definitely not all or nothing. RachaelFaith, several here have mentioned the importance of 'dual-intent'. I didn't mention it because it didn't sound like you were considering marriage. In fact, although many don't consider it permanent I assumed when you said you didn't want to do anything permanent, you meant you didn't even want to go down the marriage visa route until you'd been together longer. But in case you were thinking of sneaking the marriage in, listen to the warnings above and don't do it.

One thing you will need to consider when you visit each other if you do move closer together is, especially for him, always make sure you have some 'proof' that you are going to return to your country after the trip. This could be a return ticket, proof of employment or school enorollment, etc. Anything to give the border guard a warm-fuzzy that you don't have intent of staying illegally and will definitely return home.

Me and my SO got warned about this several times and got chewed out once when I drove her to the US but said she would buy a return ticket there. He said we should have gotten it before and implied we were lucky he let us through that time. Hiteleven is mostly correct that the border guards can pretty much do whatever they want, but that shouldn't affect your decision to try to get closer.

They have to screen thousands of people every week. As long as you haven't done anything to raise their suspicions, be wary but not afraid.

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Read up stories on visajourney for some extra perspective. International relationships aren't simple, and they often feel hopeless and impossible especially when you are miles apart , but like anything in life, if you approach it with a level head, it's navigable. I know 3 others here at work who have done the K-1 visa. So, although you do need to be careful and go into this with both eyes open and definitely take it all very seriously there's no reason to feel negative until given a reason to.

But as I said above, I don't think you are looking for legal immigration advice, just some ideas to freaking get closer to him so you can see if you want to take the next [lovely complicated legal] step. I don't want to imply the visa stuff is a walk in the park and none of my advice above is intended to be legal advice, but since I've been in nearly your exact situation I wanted to let you know what worked for me and what sorts of issues I came across that you may want to consider.

A ban on admission would require proof of fraud not conspiracy to comit fraud , material aid to a terrorist or criminal organization, or unlawful presence in the US. This would also take a review process before an immigration judge and could be appealed all the way to the Supreme Court. The only officers of the US government that don't have administrative review of their decisions are Consular Officers on the visa line at a Consulate, the very people that Canadians are exempt from having to see.

Simple dual intent does not meet any of the criteria that constitute banable offenses, even if it did, what dual intent does he have at this time? His intent is to study as a nonimmigrant, he also happens to have a girlfriend note: NOT a fiancee that he may or may not decide to get more permanent with after trying being closer for a while.

There is no dual intent at this time, there will be no dual intent at the time of entry, therefore there is no fraud.

Later, should they decide to get more serious, he may file for a change of status and, as he would then be eligible for a change of status. At that point, and only at that point his F-1 nonimmigrant status would be null and void as he was demonstrating an immigrant intent and that is why his SEVIS record would terminate for one of two reasons as soon as USCIS made their decision on his application, those reasons being "change of status approved" or "change of status denied". For example, when they take a sip of water: What you mistakenly take for bad dress sense is, in fact, a fashion as forward as the future.

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