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Its mask removed the mouth-opening mechanism concept and latex coating, opting instead for a full FRP cover. Some of the staff in the series were not made aware of the changes that were made and were surprised by Ultraman's face having the sudden change from an alien-like face to an "iron mask" looking face. The Type B mask even had its jaw feature more narrow and sharpened compared to the Type A design.

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Type B was also bigger compared to Type A and according to Furuya; "it was better fitting, and had padding so it looked like Ultraman was more muscular". The rest of the body of each suit was a painted wetsuits , a design choice that was previously used for the Kemur Man from Ultra Q , the series that preceded Ultraman. Type A's boots were derived from modified Jika-tabi , Type B variant were pointed shoes with hidden zippers and Type C were red leather shoes painted silver.

Due to being made with using wet-suits and latices, the suits were incapable of sustaining long periods of time.

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What happened to each of the suits were as follows:. According to Furuya, the original Ultraman suit was destroyed, but it is unknown if this story is actually true. Ultraman's victory was never assured, as Ultraman's powers and, indeed, his very life force, came from solar energy, which was heavily reduced by Earth's filtering atmosphere.

His time limit was stated to be 3 minutes, though certain scenes do show him capable of still fighting while exceeding this limit. As time goes on, the color timer turns solid red, and then starts to blink, giving off a warning chime as it did so. When Ultraman runs out of energy, the color timer goes out, and turns black.

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Ultraman's color timer is linked directly to his heart, and damaging it will cause mortal injury or serious pain to Ultraman. Ultraman and other Ultra Warriors from M receive their Color Timers through modification surgery in hopes of noting them about energy reduction when fighting against monster threats in certain planets or locations.

According to Tohl Narita, Ultraman was not originally meant to have a time limit, as the original design he made lacked one. This was actually made to reduce the cost of the special effects.

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These cases were explained by Tsuburaya that Seven's lack of Color Timer is due to his early days as a non-combatant officer, as he was only sent to observe the Milky Way before getting involved in the Earth's affairs. The name Ultraman was originally what the alien spaceman from Nebula M78 called himself when he spoke to a comatose Hayata about merging their forms as compensation for the accident that caused their ships to collide.

After Ultraman's first battle with the monster Bemular, Ide asks Hayata what the hero's name is; Hayata replies "Does 'Ultraman' sound all right? Said name is also one of the original concepts of Ultraman Taro and it first appeared in acknowledgement during the film, Ultraman Story. Additionally, Ultraman Jack was meant to be Ultraman returning to Earth but was made as a separate character out of respect to the late Eiji Tsuburaya, who passed away in Feeling guilt for playing a part in his death, Ultraman merged their bodies together and gave Shin the Beta Capsule.

In the series finale, a race of aliens from the planet Zetton, and their vanguard Kaiju, Zetton named after its planet of origin , attack. That damage caused him to lose almost all his energy instantly. When Zoffy , Ultraman's superior, arrived to retrieve the fallen hero with a special life energy, Ultraman pleaded for Hayata's life to also be spared, going as far as to offer his new life to the human, so that Hayata could live as a normal man.

Zoffy agreed with Ultraman and gave Hayata a spare life energy, he then separated them, but left Hayata with no memory between the time he first collides with Ultraman's ship in the first episode , and he is shown standing outside the Science Special Search Party Headquarters, holding the beta capsule but apparently not knowing what it is or what it does as he watched Zoffy take Ultraman home. This is a rather different finish to the series than stated in the English dub, which states both that Ultraman will return and that Hayata retains not only his beta capsule but also, apparently, his full memories of all his experiences as he awaits Ultraman's return.

The latter ending appears to have been adopted by Tsuburaya as the definitive ending, as Hayata reappears several times throughout succeeding Ultra Series as Ultraman's host in times of need. Ultraman gives an alternate ending to the series 29 years after the series finale, where Zoffy recombines Hayata and Ultraman after giving the former another life-forces.

After the battle against Zetton, both Hayata and Ultraman were shaken to core following their previous defeat. Past monsters were mysteriously revived and Ultraman defeated them again but is once again weakened by Zetton. When it seemed that his defeat would be repeated, SSSP member Ide created a specialized formula which replenished Ultraman's energy, allowing him to finally defeating Zetton and properly put an end to his mission on Earth.

Ultraman's statistics below were never mentioned in the original series, but were brought up in magazines and official websites. There are also certain succeeding series that deviate Ultraman's original statistics: As the official website of Tsuburaya Productions stated: Aside from his main attack Spacium Ray, he also possess a number of techniques. His place of origin is Nebula M Despite his strength, he is also friendly to non-hostile monsters.

He is also a member of the Ultra Brothers. By pressing the red button on the capsule, a stream of light forms a spiral-like circle which warped his body as Ultraman rises, appearing in a matter which involves his right arm forms a fist forward and his left folded down. In episode 22 of Ultraman , the Beta Capsule or to a lesser extent, Ultraman's power had the ability to free Hayata from external influence, as the Underground People tried to control Ultraman by brainwashing Hayata until Ultraman's transformation freed him. But despite this, the gadget can also be easily lost, as shown in episode 26 during Ultraman's fight with Gomora, where he accidentally dropped it and it was picked up by a local boy who mistook it for a toy.

This was also played for the sake of comedy as seen in episode 34 when Hayata mistook a curry spoon for the Beta Capsule before switching to the original one. Two other versions also existed:. Ultraman Dark's appearance is identical to Ultraman, but with black colors replacing the original silver, and Ultraman's eyes and Color Timer both shine red.

His attacks remain the same name and power statistics, though they appear to be darker. Ultraman's combat technique usually relied on brute strength, which goes by fighting his opponents in melee combat, then finishing them with his beam attacks. In the middle of combat, he sometimes used different skills which either assist him in the combat or neutralize dangerous situations that the SSSP are involved in. His skin possessed natural protection against extreme heat, electricity and atomic bomb explosions. However, Spacium also has a counterpart, the Spellgen, which was used by the second generation Alien Baltan ep 16 to counteract to Spacium Ray, prompting Ultraman to slice the Alien in half with the Ultra Slash attack.

Certain monsters in the series have been shown to be resistant to the Spacium Ray, and took more than one shot to be killed. This is mainly used to dismember an opponent, usually by slicing them into half down the middle.

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There are also other non-conventional uses for Ultra Slash:. Feeling guilty about the accident, Ultraman fuses himself with Hayata to ensure the man's survival, causing them to share the same life, also giving Hayata the means to fight against monster and alien threats. Although portrayed as a dutiful officer, there are also times where he was out of focus, sometimes for the sake of comedy.

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His connection to Ultraman remains a secret to the rest of the SSSP members even until the series finale, however in episode 14 Muramatsu and member Arashi noticed that Hayata shared a similar injury to Ultraman after his fight against a monster. This was never brought up again later on. In episode 39, the series finale, both Ultraman and Hayata were gravely injured after Zetton defeated them. Zoffy arrived to recover Ultraman and gave Hayata another life, allowing him to live while being separated from Ultraman. In the original Japanese ending Hayata was left without any memories of Ultraman, but in the English dub, he retained his memory while telling his SSSP teammates that Ultraman would return to Earth.

The latter ending seems to have been adopted as Hayata later appeared in subsequent series with Ultraman. Ultraman also gives another alternate ending that allow Hayata to retain both his connection with Ultraman and his memories. Although Hayata does appear in person later on in other Ultra Series entries, but starting from the following events of Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy , it was revealed that Hayata is no longer the original human who became one with Ultraman, but rather the Ultra Warrior in a human form, in a similar manner to Dan Moroboshi with Ultra Seven.

Originally, there was no audition for the role of Hayata, and he simply took the role after execs "ordered" him to take it without a choice. In the Ultra Series, Ultraman's main body has become the basis for most of the succeeding Ultra Warriors onwards. This design can be seen in certain Ultras such as Ultraman Jack who was originally meant to be the returned original Ultraman , Ultraman Tiga, Ultraman Cosmos and others. Ultraman, as well as the elements from his own series, has been referenced and parodied numerous times in popular culture; examples include:. The following below refers to Ultraman and Hayata's appearance outside of TV, such as manga and novel adaptations:.

Todd Gilchrist of the IGN describes both Hayata and Ultraman as "a Peter Parker -style everyman becomes a superhero whenever alien monsters invade Earth, which conveniently occurs at least once every episode; subsequently, some fairly awkward fight scenes ensue, and the world eventually is saved from certain destruction. Shaffer also from IGN described Ultraman as "a giant, skyscraper-sized extraterrestrial being that protects us from equally gigantic monsters, aliens, dinosaurs and other nefarious foes.

Each week, Ultraman faces off against fantastically fun villains, destroying towns, villages, forests and cities along the way. Nevertheless, he admitted that the series "become a cult sensation, largely thanks to its monsters and dazzling battles" and gives a rating 8 out of Bin Furuya, Ultraman's suit actor, has said that when he first wore the Ultraman suit, Eiji Tsuburaya had predicted that the show would create good memories for the children watching.

Furuya trained for his role in Ultraman by practicing its beam techniques and "Shuwatch! As the Ultraman suit was very thin, he mentioned having received injuries in several ways during the set, so much so that Kurobe and Hiroko joked "of all the casts of Ultraman , he would be the first to go".

When being asked what Ultra Warrior and Ultra Monster is his favorite, he answered the original Ultraman and Red King respectively, having enjoyed their fight scene in the show. His favorite episode of Ultraman is 23, which featured the appearance of Jamila, a monster who was mutated from an abandoned astronaut and tried to seek vengeance upon the government.

Furuya mentioned that he genuinely cried while portraying as Ultraman when he was forced to kill the monster. He also stated that although he liked playing the role of Ultraman, he enjoyed his time as Member Amagi for being able to expose his face. According to Susumu Kurobe, during his time playing Hayata, he felt uncomfortable when wearing the SSSP uniform during shooting, especially when filming on location, but Hiroko Sakurai stated that she had no problem with it and even commented that the cast once went out to lunch while wearing the uniform.

Despite his character Hayata and Ultraman are related, he never get a chance to perform together with Ultraman's suit actor Bin Furuya, as both recorded in their respective scenes real life for Kurobe and special effects studio for Furuya. Initially, Kurobe prevented his daughter from acting in the series but eventually gave her the blessing to do so. They both appeared together in the film Superior Ultraman 8 Brothers , with their characters likewise written as father and daughter.

He has joked that the decision to have Hayata and Fuji married in the movie was a "mistake", as it made his wife "jealous". When asked who is his favorite Ultraman, Kurobe answered that it was Ultraman Zero. One of the most popular jokes in the Japanese culture is the scene from episode 34 of Ultraman , which involves Hayata mistaking a curry spoon for the Beta Capsule while hastily trying to transform and stop the monster Skydon from falling down to Earth. This scene was devised by Akio Jissoji , and while receiving complaints from Samaji Nonagase, another Ultraman director, the episode's high viewer ratings justified the work.

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Because of this, certain Japanese media mostly in anime and manga tends to reference an in-joke to the incident either by repeating the same mistake or simply using a pair of spoons to replicate Ultraman's eyes. Although unrelated, another Mexican pro-wrestler Starman was previously known by the name Ultraman Jr. In February , a popular internet video called Omoide wa Okkusenman! Dating a Team Magma grunt Cute. First 2 3 4 5 Last Next. You need to login to view this link. We just gonna use this for everything now?

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